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Poster: Jack o' Roses Date: Jul 31, 2010 9:14pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Another serious nonDEAD (post 95 shows) query...uh...what? nootropics

Taking another chance to spread my wings: Nootropics changed by life: piracetam! mmm...good
Also helpful for me in overcoming this -my recently passed midlife cognitive crisis-
Yerba mate, good sceletium (kanna; 100mg bid-ish 1 month lasting good changes) & good kratom (avoid 'frequent' use-as incense only, of course)

Cognitive difficulties from too much fungi/yeast/etc consumption or exposure: try terbinafine (Lamisil AT, OTC) as a liberal '~all-over' after-bath body spray daily 'til the spray bottle's empty. If ANY little cognitive improvement is noted, get an MD to Rx oral terbinafine 20mg for ~3 mo. [There IS a little NEWish medical research to back this up, BTW-MEDLINE refs available]
I write this because there are a lot of sources of fungi/yeast mold everyday like 'fresh' beer/uncooked mushrooms/moldy basements & the great outdoors (e.g.,Vancouver, BC; Johnson City TN) that can really devastate certain people.

I'm not an MD & I've never played one on TV, but I actually do have a PhD in a hard(ly) science. I am not licensed anywhere for anything..... Lame discLAiMER...Lamest.

I hope this helps somebody-now you know how much I like to ramble. This ramble, however, is hidden, buried deep in this thread.

God Bless America & the rest of the planet too!
& now back to discus-ing the only band that did what they do (ooooh yeah says the Kool-Aid Man-Mr. Bobby Weir) :